International Strategic Services

There is a Way.

Relationship Services

Sometimes your projects and objectives require forging relationships beyond the reach of your marketing and field teams. In many cases, CAPTIS can find just the right solution for you.

Commercial Services

Opening new markets or territories, or launching a significant project, is often a very complex endeavor, as is finding a suitable partner, distributor/dealer, or obtaining necessary administrative or other pre-requisites. We can help.

Advisory Services

Some projects may seem out of your reach. A project may seem too complicated to gather the relevant information? How do you proceed? What is the timeline? What are the regional expectations? CAPTIS is here.



  • Commercial Intelligence

  • Relations with International Bodies

  • Public-Private and Government Lobbying

  • Domestic and International Lobbying

  • Government Relations



  • Global Commercial Support and Development

  • Economic Development Services

  • Customized Research and Reports

  • Crisis Management

  • Speaker and On-Site Service

At CAPTIS, International Strategic Services are Highly Structured Projects with Streamlined Methodology

Our International Strategic Services are managed by leading professionals who engage with public and private decision makers.

We partner closely with our clients in structured processes that include determining goals, identifying and analyzing the appropriate economical and political arenas, examining opportunities for change/evolution,
defining timetables, and determining success and control metrics.

Collaborative Process

We collaborate with leaders to develop their strategic and operational plans, which include clearly defined goals, initiatives, and action plans to achieve those strategic initiatives. This process involves clarifying a purpose (the Mission), the mission’s focus, and identifying top priorities of the organization; forming a clear understanding of the health of the organization by assessing its current situation, and the distance between where it is now, and where it aspires to be (Vision); creating a plan of action that aligns and mobilizes the community and the environment to accomplish its goals and objectives (Implementation Plan), along with distribution of responsibility and assigned accountability. We assist leaders in organizing and analyzing information and data to improve programs and operations by developing strategic insights and intelligence to advance operations (Administrative Organizational Review).

How those actions benefit our clients? CAPTIS enables leaders to make informed decisions about their strategic priorities and evaluate the viability of new initiatives. CAPTIS assists leaders to identify strengths and leading practices that can be developed or expanded to improve processes, structures, methods, skills, revenue generation schemes, or cost reductions. CAPTIS engages leaders to pinpoint opportunities for improvement as well as the root causes of challenges. CAPTIS helps leaders evaluate new business opportunities, including determining the pros and cons of new initiatives as well as opportunity and operational cost-investment-revenue estimates. Our consultants and associates employ a large and adaptive array of analytic techniques, ranging from formal process reviews to design thinking.

Strategic Relations

Our relationships with international bodies allow us to offer our clients representation and empowerment in foreign arenas, and the opportunity to be heard. We provide full lobbying services internationally. To ensure that your business or interest is understood, it must penetrate the awareness of the relevant decision-makers. Our International Strategic Services are an essential management tool for creating a bridge between the respective political and business cultures. Our consultants work to bring our clients and their partners closer to the legislators and representatives of government, and guide them through the maze of government, by creating a professional and efficient dialogue.

Our deep understanding and unique experience in the management of regulatory, parliamentary, and commercial processes, as well as our familiarity with political and public arenas, constitutes the very foundation for our qualified strategic advice. CAPTIS consultants utilize collaborative thinking, both internally and with our clients, to define goals and identify  opportunities in the public arena. Following this, our consultants create a strategic plan and implement it according to the predefined milestones.

Our Government Relations consultants continuously work to build mutual relationships as the foundation for a professional connection between the client and governmental (or other) decision-makers, employing a wide strategic perspective. At CAPTIS, we believe in building a broad coalition among decision-makers and extra-parliamentary entities.

Business Development

Our International Business Development Services provide business development support through collaboration and the calculated use of opportunities versus risks. Our services contribute directly to our clients’ positions in the market and create significant competitive advantages. Our International Business Development consultants assist with mergers and acquisitions (please see our Management Consulting Services), raise investors’ support, locate international clients and partners, consult on identifying new markets, perform economic analyses, and prepare business plans.

A crisis abroad poses a significant crossroad for any company, specifically with the way it conducts itself facing public opinion. CAPTIS provides professional and strategic crisis management services, immediate and targeted, identifying the various possible outcomes while mitigating or preventing damage to its client. Services include a dedicated team set to immediately analyze consequences in the political and regulatory arenas, gain control of the situation, and minimize the damage to the client’s image in the respective governmental environment.

International Presence