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Zeldin gets testy when asked if Biden won election

Rep. Lee Zeldin got testy with POLITICO Playbook authors Ryan Lizza and Tara Palmeri on Thursday when Lizza asked him to say unequivocally that President Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

“Yeah, Joe Biden’s the president of the United States,” the New York Republican said. “And that’s how …”

“Is or was?” Lizza said in a POLITICO Playbook event, stopping Zeldin, a former President Donald Trump ally who voted against certifying the Electoral College results amid Trump’s false claims of election fraud.

"I ask it very intentionally that he won the presidential election," Lizza said.

“Yes, and then I went on to continue an answer,” Zeldin said. “If you would like to give my answer for me, you can go ahead and do that. But I thought I was going to be here to answer my own questions.”

Lizza clarified, saying he was asking if Biden won the presidency.

“You’re asking me now for a third time, and I’ve said yes twice. So, I don’t know how many more times you want me to say yes and what your agenda is. But, really, it’s a bit ridiculous to be asking me a third time. But please, go ahead and ask me again,” Zeldin said.

Palmeri backed Lizza, saying he was just clarifying to ensure it was correct.

“You have, a fourth time,” Zeldin said.

“I wouldn’t call that a question,” Palmeri said.

“You can go for a fifth time next, too,” Zeldin replied.

“Is every time I speak a question?” Palmeri, said, laughing. “We can keep going.”

“Sure, let’s do it a sixth time,” Zeldin said.

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