Zebra Medical Vision to host AI1 image analytics on Google Cloud

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Zebra Medical Vision

Israeli machine-learning radiology firm Zebra Medical Vision said it will be uploading its radiology algorithms to the Google (NSDQ:GOOG) Cloud as part of the AI1 automated imaging analytics tools offering it announced last month.

The AI1 analytical platform includes a deep learning engine system that can detect various medical findings from image scans on its own, including the detection of liver, lung, cardiovascular and bone disease.

The Israel-based company also said said it is planning to introduce new capabilities that would cover breast cancer, lung cancer, brain trauma, hypertension and other clinical areas.

Zebra said the move to cloud-based hosting will be essential as the amount of imaging data is expected to double in the next 5 years and could become a significant challenge to healthcare providers.

With the shift, Zebra said its tools will be run from Google’s Cloud platform and allow radiologists to include analysis from the AI1 platform in their normal reporting workflow.

“With the AI1 all-in-one offering, enabled on Google Cloud, we can offer health providers ongoing population-health and clinical insights to improve patients’ lives and reduce healthcare costs. We are making a commitment to provide our current tools, and all future ones, for a flat $1 USD per scan. By doing so we believe that a true difference can be made in the provision of radiology services worldwide,” Zebra co-founder & CEO Elad Benjamin said in a press release.

Late last month, Zebra said it plans to launch its AI1 tools to healthcare providers for approximately $1 per scan.

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