White House delivers ultimatum on healthcare bill, setting scene for dramatic House vote Friday

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There’s so much drama on Capitol Hill today and this evening. After years of failed attempts, the Republicans are finally positioned to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. But the vote, which was expected to take place Thursday, was delayed as it became clear that there weren’t enough votes from the conservative members of the “Freedom Caucus” and moderate members of the House Republicans to push the bill through.

Who would have thought there was so much diversity in the Republican party?

Republican leadership met with White House officials and party members Thursday evening to sway undecided or no voters to a yes. The White House also delivered an ultimatum to Republicans considering a no vote: Negotiations are over. Vote yes or move on with Obamacare.

If the bill is defeated, what would that say about the Trump’s negotiating skills? After all, Press Secretary Sean Spicer quipped at a media briefing yesterday, “There is no Plan B”.

The turn of events provoked plenty of discussion about what this vote means for the Republican party’s identity, whether Trump is setting House Speaker Paul Ryan as a scapegoat and evaluating the job Trump has done selling the healthcare bill to the American voters.

Amidst the drama, there was some room for a little comedy

And some apologizing…

A Congressional Budget Office Report published Thursday afternoon contended that under the revised bill 24 million would still lose their health insurance by 2026, despite reducing savings in federal spending.

The Republicans occupy a position they have strived to be in for years and yet as the bill makes it final approach to the floor of the House, Congressmen are feeling the full weight of this vote and the growing realization that some of the constituents will like it but many of them won’t. Just as passing ACA led many Americans to lose insurance when their previous plans became voided by the Act’s requirements, there will be winners and losers with this bill as well.

At the very least, there will be a lot of questions to address in the next 24 hours, whatever the outcome.

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