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VIRA Insight Adds New Capabilities, Celebrates Grand Opening of North Texas Manufacturing Center and Headquarters

LEWISVILLE, Texas, May 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VIRA Insight, the Texas-based designer and manufacturer of retail and commercial environments, has a new look, new capabilities and a new 350,000-square-foot headquarters and manufacturing center. A national leader with 25 years expertise in custom retail manufacturing, VIRA – which specializes in rapid design and fabrication of interior spaces, fixtures, displays, safety products, and anti-theft solutions – is launching materials sourcing and design services for office locations that need to retrofit or redesign spaces to prepare to welcome back employees.

CEO Jeff Jones unveiled the expanded capabilities and brand refresh – including a new logo, visual identity and website – as part of a 25th anniversary celebration and grand reopening ceremony at the VIRA Insight headquarters in Lewisville, Texas.

“We believe a space that is custom-designed for a business, its employees and its customers lead to performance. Our own office is proof: After returning our employees to a redesigned, safe environment, we have seen more productivity, more sales closings, more deadlines hit on time and greater satisfaction among our customers,” said Jones. “Your space truly makes a difference in how your business performs.”

VIRA’s business flourished in the last 12 months as the company used its global supply chain expertise and expanded capabilities to help many of the world’s largest retailers reinvent storefronts to adapt to pandemic shopping environments. VIRA also introduced a series of theft deterrent fixture and display products to help retailers combat the record-breaking levels of shoplifting observed in 2020.

The accelerated emphasis on supplying retailers, offices and brands with custom-built solutions includes:

  • Design and fabrication of privacy areas that are easily inserted or built into existing environments – e.g., VIRA has worked with multiple coworking locations to retrofit interiors to include  modular privacy walls and individual workrooms.
  • Outfitting large office spaces with desk shields or visors at employee workstations.
  • Leveraging VIRA’s global sourcing to procure materials and furniture.
  • Rapid prototyping of custom solutions for any built environment.

The company intends to launch new products and capabilities for medical and pharmaceutical spaces later this year. Pilot programs featuring modular privacy areas that can be used for health screenings or vaccinations are underway.

“Our vision is to expand VIRA’s services to serve more and more of the procurement professional’s needs. We know how to deliver quality custom solutions that must balance tight deadlines and budgets and, ultimately, we want our work to leave the world a better place,” said Jones.

With its U.S. operations in Texas and Michigan, and global sourcing and manufacturing capabilities including an office in China, VIRA can rapidly design, prototype, manufacture and install solutions for any retail or office environment. For more information, visit

About VIRA Insight
VIRA Insight designs and manufactures custom solutions for any built environment. Experts in fixtures and displays, VIRA works with many of the most recognizable brands in beauty, cosmetics, health, retail, technology and wellness. Founded in 1996, the company offers design and manufacturing capabilities in the U.S. and abroad and decades of experience in import logistics. Recently, VIRA expanded its design and manufacturing capabilities to serve office spaces. VIRA Insight is headquartered in Lewisville, Texas. For more information, visit

Press contact: Greg Miller, public relations, [email protected] 


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