The Future of Education and Educating for the Future: Adam Caller Announces Expert Panel Topic

Adam Caller will feature as part of the ‘Health is the New Wealth’ section of the programme. Specifically, the panel on which he will be speaking is titled ‘Wealth Wisdom: understanding the psychology of money and how it affects your life and children’. Mr Caller will be joined by Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Francesca Agostinelli, and the Psychologist and Coach, Dr Ronit Meshi-Mai Lami. The Panel will be moderated by Cerescom Founder, Jo Sawicki.

On this panel, speakers will explore how to better navigate non-fiscal aspects of life by understanding how wealth impacts emotional wellbeing. There will be discussion around how to best look after your children when trying to prepare them for their future. It will look beyond simply finding the right school for them. 

Preparing for an Unknown Future

Adam Caller summarises the greatest challenge faced by educators and parents:

“The problem that many of my clients face is how to prepare their children today for the world three decades from now. It’s the most common conversation I have with my clients, and while nobody knows what the world will be like in 2050 one thing that we do know is that it will be very different from today. The question we have to ask ourselves is what should an education for that unknown future look like? How can we ensure our children have the skills they will need in that world while most current educational models are largely derived from a system that’s over a thousand years old! What skills should we be equipping children with for a life in which they might not even need a pen – or even a keyboard?  Should we be training them to speak with voice-activated AI, for example?  Or focus on mastery of the main languages of the world?  Should we teach them to drive when we know autonomous and individual car ownership are progressing as they are? These may seem like radical questions now but my clients did not get where they are today without looking to the future, and that’s no different when it comes to investing in their children’s education.

“In addition to the unknowable future of the world, my ultra-wealthy clients face unique challenges, specific to their circumstances and their hopes for their children and businesses. Many UHNWIs want an education for their children that will prepare them to take over their family business empire. This requires a very particular kind of education – one that demands focussed and tailored teaching and training. This kind of personalised education is best achieved from specialist one-to-one private home tuition. Full-time private tutors can teach in a highly customised and immersive way.”

Adam Caller

Adam Caller founded elite private tutoring company Tutors International in 1999. As well as being a private tuition expert and CEO, he is an independent education consultant and a former teacher.

Mr Caller is a leading voice in the education industry. Just recently, he has issued public comment on the new crackdown on private tuition in China, the rollout of the National Tutoring Programme and preparing children for a globalised world.

His vision and expertise have recently earned Tutors International finalist positions in the Growing Business Awards for multiple categories: ‘Customer Experience and Loyalty’ and ‘Growing Business of the Year’.

Mr Caller has featured on television, in national press vlogs and in leading UK lifestyle magazines. He was interviewed live for BBC Worldwide, he featured in The Financial Times mini-docuseries, ‘The New Downstairs’, and he was covered in Vanity Fair, speaking on the nature of providing high-end private tuition for the ultra-rich.

When asked about how he feels to be speaking at the Prestel and Partner event, Mr Caller stated that he considers himself “honoured to be included on the expert panel and very much looking forward to speaking on the challenge we face when trying to educate the next generation for the future. I hope it is the start of a great relationship with the fantastic team at Prestel and Partner. I would be available and prepared to travel to their international forums too, so I look forward to seeing where this collaboration goes.”

Education Solutions

The issue of educating a child for a rapidly changing and unknowable future with only the academic arsenal of what has come before us is a problem that Adam Caller has publicly addressed before. In 2017 Mr Caller said:

“We’ve seen massive advancements in our technology over the last two decades, so is it wise to be teaching children according to rigid constrictions imposed by following a formal educational curriculum when they won’t be entering the workforce for another 10 years? When focusing their learning on what has gone before, how do we know that we are teaching them the right things for what comes next?”

These sentiments echo those of the late speaker, Sir Ken Robinson. Mr Robinson frequently spoke on the failures of the modern formal education system. Forged for – and in the image of – industrialism, Ken Robinson highlighted its neglect of creativity and its unsuitability for modern living.

Adam Caller echoes this sentiment and will explore it further in his expert panel, but his tackling of the subject departs from Ken Robinson’s in one key way:

Ken Robinson was a remarkable thinker and speaker. The only issue was that he seldom offered any solutions. He was eloquent in explaining modern education’s shortcomings, without proposing any real answers of how to solve them. I hope in the panel we can go some way to proposing practical steps and methods that can be implemented to give children the best start. My extensive experience in full-time personalised one-to-one private tuition equips me with some of those practical solutions, and I will explore them in more detail at the Forum.”

The Prestel and Partner Family Office Forum

The expert panel, featuring Adam Caller, will form at the Prestel and Partner Family Office Forum on 28th September 2021 at The Corinthia in London. You can secure a place at the Forum by following the instructions on page 11 of the 2021 conference agenda.

If you are interested in first-rate tailored private tuition to help equip your children for the future, make an enquiry via Tutors International.

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