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It is very important to us to possess the most comprehensive data base of professionals possible. We hope you will agree to share with us the key information about who you are, your skill set, experience and achievements. Not to forget, particularly if you are actively looking for a new career movement, your expectations for the next step(s) and your professional future. We at CAPTIS are NOT contingent recruiters. Therefore, your confidentiality is guaranteed. No action will be taken before having your formal approval. Besides, please note that we do not only “thick-the-boxes”. Our assessment goes beyond that simple action. We DO care about your personality, the sense each step in your career makes, your expectations – and compare all these facts to the opportunity and our clients’ enviroments; besides the basic requirements. Finally, please trust that all the submitted data WILL BE dealt with in an ethical and utmost confidential manner. Your record will be updated/created and available internally for our search operations. There is no chance we will miss ANY available profile during a potentially compatible search. Therefore, it might happen that we do not come back to you immediately, or not soon anyway. Alternatively, we might as well take the liberty to reach out to you in order to gather some additional information. Thank you for your understanding! We truly appreciate the opportunity to get to know you / get your update !

Submitting a profile to CAPTIS through the website might take you just a minute, or it might consume an hour. It is entirely up to you to decide at which extent you wish to, or can provide useful information; Maybe you do not have enough time today: We strongly recommend you do proceed, you will always have the opportunity to feed our data base more thoroughly at some later moment. Please note that in this process, you will be able to upload any useful document (resume/CV, etc.). Ready to go for it? Please click below.
(Updated Dec 14, 2016)