Talent Connect: The Future of Networking

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November 6, 2015
By BioSpace.com

Almost all professionals have either helped their current company grow or looked to make a career move themselves. In today’s increasingly digital business culture, there are so many ways for companies and job seekers to find one other—job boards, recruiters, social media, and digital tools designed to make professional matches. While those e-connections don’t hurt, face-to-face interaction is still how people truly connect.

One venue at which employers can make direct contact with professionals is a traditional career fair. However, career fairs historically include long lines, short conversations and a stack of unread resumes. But what if there was something different? More interactive; more meaningful? Enter: Talent Connect. This new series of career events developed by BioSpace (DHX) breaks those career fair boundaries and was born from a deep desire to ensure efficiency in the recruiting and hiring process.

“Frankly, we were concerned about the sustainability of career events in our industry,” said Tami Rubino, vice president of business development at BioSpace. “Our attendee satisfaction was plummeting and our clients, the employers, weren’t seeing the value. We knew we had to do something different.”

Inviting Environment
Talent Connect brings employers and life science professionals together in a relaxed, yet professional environment and provides real face-to-face interactions that are a critical part of the candidate screening process. By trading in the usual booths for roundtables, the whole dynamic shifts and people naturally gravitate toward each other. Employers are able to tell their story and engage in meaningful conversations with both individuals and groups of qualified candidates. Business cards are exchanged, sometimes with the promise of a future meeting. People leave feeling satisfied and accomplished.

Amy Conner, sciences recruiting manager at Kelly Services, said after one Talent Connect event, “The event set up was fantastic. Candidates didn’t have to wait in long lines to speak with hiring companies, and the refreshments and roundtables provided for a more casual and conversational experience. Additionally, the candidates were well prepared with their resumes, and we had time to discuss their skills so we could make the best match based on their experience and qualifications.”

Quality Interactions
BioSpace recognizes that qualifications are also crucial, so it is impressive that nearly 60 percent of attendees have 10+ years of experience. By creating a welcoming environment, Talent Connect is attracting the candidates that Life Sciences employers want to hire. Employers are even searching for candidates outside of the science and research realm—many of them are also looking to fill positions in Life Sciences project management, medical device sales, regulatory affairs, marketing, business development and more.

These events are not only a fresh take on employers finding quality candidates— they are also designed to broaden and enrich Life Sciences professionals’ networks. Talent Connect allows professionals to ditch their elevator speech, move beyond their resumes and establish deeper connections with peers and companies alike. “The peer-to-peer networking is extremely powerful,” said one attendee.

Changing the event dynamic has helped attendee satisfaction increase by nearly 50 percent in less than a year. And the changes haven’t gone unnoticed in the eyes of employers, either. “I wanted to reiterate how much my colleagues and I enjoyed BioSpace’s event—hands down one of the best networking events we’ve seen,” said Adora Parker, scientific recruiter at Kelly Services.

Workforce Game-Changer
Talent Connect has changed the career fair game. Life Sciences professionals are no longer represented by a mere piece of paper; instead, they are now a recognizable face, a firm handshake and a memorable conversation. Similarly, employers are no longer the scary gatekeeper to the industry who just hold on to resumes; they are professionals with the information to help your career progress. By introducing Talent Connect, BioSpace has managed to create the perfect atmosphere that creates real connections among talented job seekers and dynamic companies.

Check for upcoming Talent Connect events across the U.S.

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