Syneron Candela updates on patent infringement cases

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Syneron Candela

Syneron Candela today updated on a number of patent infringement suits, including a large number in defense of its Profound radiofrequency-based microneedling product.

The Wayland, Mass-based company said that in April, it filed complaints against 18 manufacturers and distributors of fractional RF micro-needle dermatological treatment systems in both the U.S. Int’l Trade Commission and Federal District Court.

Allegedly infringing products in the suit include the Secret RF by Ilooda and Cutera; Fraxis Duo by Ilooda, Emvera Tech and Rohrer Aesthetics; Fractora by Invasix and InMode MD; Legend Pro by Lumenis and Pollogen; 3DEEP by EndyMed Medical; INTRAcel by Jeisys Medical and Perigee Medical; Infini by Lutronic; and Vivace by Sung Hwan E&B, Aesthetics Biomedical and Cartessa Aesthetics, Syneron Candela said.

In the suit with the ITC, Syneron Candela is seeking to block importation of all fractional RF micro-needle products into the US. The trial is scheduled for May 6, 2019, the company said.

In an unrelated infringement case covering sublative tech patents, initiated in 2016 by Syneron Candela’s former owners against InMode and Invasix, the company said that the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California ruled that asserted claims were being held as invalid over prior art.

The company said that it filed an appeal with the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit the day after the judgement was entered, and that it plans to “vigorously pursue its pending appeal” over the patents.

“Dr. Dieter Manstein, at Massachusetts General Hospital, is the inventor on the two patents being asserted in the fractional RF micro-needle litigation filed with the International Trade Commission. Those two patents  protecting our Profound RF based Microneedle product were not involved in the Sublative litigation. In addition to our heavy investment in developing groundbreaking technologies, the core of our market approach centers around building clinical trust with our customers and using our technology to change lives. Through our twelve recently launched National Centers of Excellence across North America and Canada dedicated to sharing clinical excellence, we continue to develop and expand the knowledge and patient access to our market-leading technologies, such as the Vbeam Prima, Gentle Pro Series, Profound and Picoway.  We take our commitment to protecting our technology and the trust of our physician partners seriously and will continue to strongly defend our patents,” CEO Geoffrey Crouse said in a press release.

In September, Syneron Candela said that it acquired Danish medical device firm Ellipse for an undisclosed amount.

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