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Streaming engagement innovator GNB and e-sports pioneer NextPlayerON to collaborate.

“Gamers want recognition and real competition: at NextPlayerON we focus on offering an e-sports platform that gives all gamers a voice and the ability to experience the benefits of e-sports on a level playing field” said Tobi Lufadeju, COO and Managing Partner of NextPlayerON.  “Our deal with GNB helps us evolve the typical e-sports concept beyond leaderboards and into gamer stories and meaningful social interactions.” He added “GNB’s technology for real-time fan engagement is disruptive in the content space. We are also very excited to work with GNB on taking GNB’s Rezi avatar for self-expression and building a new e-sports experience for gamers wanting something fresh and competitive.”

“NPO offers a premier gaming experience where gamers can be challenged in the most entertaining ways. We are really excited to work with NPO to evolve the gamer experience with a higher level of engagement,” said Rhonda Persidis, GNB’s co-Founder. “We also look forward to building our successful self-expression digital avatar, Rezi, into new types of gamer interactions on NPO’s platform, where 1:1 avatar contests are a super exciting frontier in the gaming world”, Persidis concluded.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed at this time.

SOURCE Grid News Bureau

rt captis executive search management consulting leadership board services

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