Smith & Nephew touts reduced pressure ulcers in Allevyn Life dressing trial

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Smith & Nephew

Smith & Nephew (NYSE:SNN) today released results from a trial of its Allevyn Life multi-layer polyurethane dressing used in treating elderly patinets with hip fractures, touting reduced onset of pressure ulcers.

Results from the trial were presented at the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel annual meeting this year, the company said.

Data in the trial came from experiences with 359 fragility hip fracture patients aged 65 and over at Bologna, Italy’s Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute, run by research nursing centre head Dr. Christiana Forni.

“Hip fractures in the elderly are a serious problem due to the high rate of mortality and complications such as pressure ulcers, which occur mainly in the sacral area. Preventive measures play an important role in increasing quality of care, reducing health costs and improving the patient’s quality of life. Our research shows that Allevyn Life is effective at reducing the rate of pressure ulcers in the sacrum in elderly patients with hip fracture. The excellent adhesiveness of this device also enables costs to be kept down,” Dr. Forni said in a prepared statement.

Patients in the trial were divided into two groups, with half being treated with the standard of care and half with the addition of the Allevyn Life dressing appliced to the sacrum.

Results indicated that 15.4% of patients who received the standard-of-care treatment developed pressure ulcers, much higher than the 4.5% rate of pressure ulcers in the group treated with the Allevyn Life.

“Many global experts and professional bodies7 state polyurethane foam dressings should be considered for use prophylactically on bony prominences in anatomical areas subject to friction and shear. This new research further demonstrates that Allevyn Life is a safe and effective preventative measure uniquely suited to be at the heart of a pressure ulcer prevention strategy,” chief medical officer Dr Andy Weymann said in a press release.

Smith & Nephew said the new data supports the use of the Allevyn Life dressing to redistribute pressure and prevent pressure ulcers.

The dressing is designed with five layers and incorporates a breathable top layer, hydrocellular foam, an absorbent lock away core, masking layer, silicone gel adhesive and wide border, the company said.

Yesterday, Smith & Nephew said it launched a bi-cruciate retaining total knee replacement application for its Navio handheld robot-assisted platform.

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