Smart Source LLC Announces HandHolder Technology To Be Used By University of Maryland Medical System

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NEW YORK, March 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Smart Source LLC, a leading provider of healthcare solutions, announces today that their proprietary HandHolder  technology has been implemented in University of Maryland Medical Center clinics, across three campuses and 30 outpatient locations. HandHolder functions as a “medical reminder,” providing patients with the tools they need to have a successful hospital or practitioner visit, from pre-visit instructions to post visit follow up.

“Understanding where to go is one of the most important elements for the care continuum,” explains an Executive with the University of Maryland Medical System.  “It is important for patients to show up for their necessary doctor visits. This equates to better health outcomes.”

HandHolder is specifically tailored to the needs of the healthcare industry but laser focused on the patients. It provides: time and date of appointment, exact directions, parking information, specific preparation instructions, procedure details, condition information and follow up. It is designed in a way that is easy to understand, illustrated with icons, graphics and photos and translated into the patients first language. The information in each HandHolder is patient specific, doctor specific and visit specific. Most importantly, HandHolder is delivered to the patient the way he/she wishes to receive it (phone, email, text, mail).

“The HandHolder technology provided by Smart Source has been an instrumental wayfinding tool for our patients. The feedback has been extremely positive,” continues the University of Maryland Medical System.  “HandHolder gives patients confidence before they even begin the navigation process.”

The technology is easy to implement at minimal cost to hospitals, doctors and surgeons. It increases revenue by significantly decreasing no shows/missed appointments as well as improving patient satisfaction scores. It increases productivity by allowing clinicians and nurses to spend more time focused on patients and less on paperwork.  It decreases wait times by improving show rates and stressing the importance of timeliness. HandHolder also offers a library of forms, campus mapping, and communication available through all outlets (print, online, voice recording, text message). All information is protected inside a HIPPA compliant, fully secured process and facility.

“There is a very real need for our HandHolder technology to not only help the patients get to the right place at the right time but also for the provider, to streamline efforts and better serve the patient,” explains Barb McLaughlin, VP of Smart Source Healthcare Communications. “HandHolder technology allows for a standardized approach for how their patients arrive, and understand medical instructions, tools and financial options.”

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