SentinelOne launches DataSet to manage live data at scale

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We live in a data-defined era. Distributed cloud infrastructure and containerized applications mean that enormous amounts of data are coming in, and coming in fast. 

“The amount of data created in the next three years will be more than the data created over the past 30 years,” said Stephan Elliot, group vice president for Research IT, Cloud Operations, and devops at IDC. 

When collected and vetted correctly, data can answer critical questions and bolster enterprise insights. Companies of all sizes need to be able to understand and act on live data sets, in real-time and at scale, without being hampered by legacy data offerings that are expensive, slow, or incapable of keeping real-time pace. 

“The ability to cost-effectively analyze data at scale will become a necessity for every organization,” Elliott said. 

Log monitoring, also known as log management, is becoming a crucial component to this. It streamlines and enhances the process of storing, transmitting, analyzing, reporting, and acting on the considerable volumes of data generated by an organization’s networks and systems. According to KBV Research, the global log management market will grow to $3.3 billion by 2025, rising at an 11% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Established providers in the space include Splunk Enterprise, Databricks, Datadog, Sumo Logic and Dynatrace. 

Enterprise data platform goes live

Autonomous cybersecurity platform company SentinelOne is now applying its methods in the security realm to data analytics and log management. The Mountain View, California-based company has announced its new division DataSet, an enterprise data platform enabling live data queries, analytics, insights, and retention, according to CEO Tomer Weingarten.

“Every business benefits from the power of understanding its data,” Weingarten said. “Instantaneous, easy to use, and efficient understanding of a data set is the key to making better business decisions and building more sustainable businesses.”

The new division builds on SentinelOne’s $155 million acquisition in February 2021 of Scalyr, a cloud-native, cloud-scale data analytics platform. Scalyr’s functionality has allowed SentinelOne to ingest, correlate, search, and action data from any source, Weingarten said. 

DataSet is a cloud-native enterprise data platform for all types of data, live or historical, at any scale. Data schema requirements have been eliminated from the ingestion process and index limitations from the querying process. This enables the platform to process massive amounts of live data in real time from both structured and unstructured sources, delivering fast log management, data analytics, and alerts. 

Responding to critical incidents in real-time

Asana, Copart, TomTom and DoorDash have applied DataSet to various use cases, Weingarten said, and enterprise users highlight its real-time detection and response and central management. Previously, these companies had to search and scan multiple tools, or stitch together context across teams and use cases. Neither of these, Weingarten pointed out, are ideal when responding to a critical incident. 

DataSet arose out of SentinelOne’s own experiences as a company that collects data on immense scales, he Weingarten. When they began searching for a provider to address limitations and challenges with data analytics, they couldn’t find one that could meet broad or real-time applications. They knew other organizations had to be facing challenges in wrangling and applying data, and that also wanted the capability to do more with their captured data. 

“This is unsolved, there’s a gap in the market here,” Weingarten said. “It seems like a pain point for a lot of companies and customers of ours.” 

SentinelOne has established itself in the security realm by tackling cybersecurity as a data problem. Its flagship Singularity XDR platform has been built to autonomously defend against security threats with dataset-powered AI models that instantly determine if a behavior is benign or malicious. Individual data points are automatically linked to enable visibility and response.

Weingarten underscored the company’s deep data expertise and its abilities to process petabytes of data that continues growing on an exponential scale. And it’s not just getting as close to real-time as possible — it is real-time, he said. Because if you can’t effectively act on data, you’re losing time. 

“For cybersecurity to be effective, it has to be able to make split second autonomous decisions,” Weingarten said. “In cybersecurity, every millisecond matters.”

Following the release of DataSet, the next logical step, he said, will be applying data to immediate actions across the enterprise. “You don’t want to just be a passive data storer,” Weingarten said. “The goal is to become much more of an active hub.”
SentinelOne is sharing its data expertise “to help all businesses unlock the power of their data,” said Rahul Ravular, head of the new DataSet division. “We help organizations overcome the slow, costly legacy platforms that can’t handle the scalability requirements of tomorrow. DataSet is built for the future of data insights and action.”

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