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Careful maintenance of precision pipettes is essential in the highly regulated pharmaceutical and clinical diagnostics industries. Kevin Orf, Senior Manager of Validation and Metrology at a specialty pharmaceutical and diagnostic company based in San Diego, California, explained: “In our line of work, accurate pipetting is vital to avoid any errors in test results. As an ISO 13485 and CAP accredited laboratory, we must be able to demonstrate the accuracy and precision of our pipettes, as well as adherence to a regular maintenance schedule.”

“I chose Rainin to service our pipettes – single and multichannel pipettes, as well as Liquidator™ 96 systems – because the company is focused on quality. Rainin’s facility has humidity and temperature control, and is equipped with high quality METTLER TOLEDO balances, and the company can demonstrate NIST traceability, which is important. The Rainin service department is very proactive, and the maintenance and calibration of our pipettes is excellent. As a result, our failure rate is incredibly low. The company recognizes the importance of listening to its customers and providing on-site training, and goes beyond simply selling pipettes. The Rainin team makes the effort to help staff familiarize themselves with different pipette types and pipetting techniques, creating a good customer support environment that has long-term benefits for both parties. In my view, Rainin is a leader in the field.”

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Mettler Toledo Rainin, LLC
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T +1 800 472-4646

About Rainin

Rainin, a METTLER TOLEDO Company, is the leading provider of advanced pipetting solutions for life scientists worldwide. We offer a wide selection of manual and electronic pipettes, BioClean pipette tips, and expert services that work together as a complete pipetting solution – Pipetting 360°. Rainin has long been the largest selling brand in North America and consistently rank among the top premium pipette brands in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Top quality, innovative design and state-of-the-art production result in superior pipetting products with years of reliable operation.

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