Mass General is giving patients a new way to navigate its campus

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Forget the paper maps. Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston has unveiled a new interactive map of its campus for patients, visitors and employees to use.

The map is powered by concept3D’s atlas3D technology. concept3D, a software and services company headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, has used its atlas3D platform to create similar maps for other healthcare organizations, including Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Oregon Health & Science University and the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Mass General’s campus map is built on top of Google Maps, and users can view it in either map mode or satellite mode. They can also use it to get walking directions from one spot on campus to another.


The map comes complete with information on parking, transportation, dining facilities, pharmacies and buildings around the Mass General campus. It also includes a drop-down menu with details on banks, hotels, museums, post offices, restaurants and a sporting arena near the campus.

Additionally, users can use the map to send personalized links to others to help them find their way around, according to a press release.

Bob O’Melia, concept3D’s vice president of business development, told MedCity the map can assist in improving patients’ and caregivers’ time at the hospital. “We want to reduce that stress level and enhance the patient experience,” he said in a phone interview. “We want to provide a really good 3D digital map that they can explore.”

Mass General’s interactive map is currently patient- and caregiver-focused. But O’Melia mentioned organizations can choose to utilize concept3D’s technology to improve workflow from the employee side as well. For example, concept3D’s platform can be used to help an organization’s security department or human resources department.

concept3D is also in the early stages of working with organizations (though not Mass General) to amp up its technology. “We’re trying to become a little more clinical,” he said. “We’re talking about embedding our map links into appointment reminders.”

Healthcare isn’t the only realm in which concept3D is working. Its atlas3D technology is being used in everything from universities to retirement communities (like Shell Point Retirement Community in Fort Myers, Florida) to convention centers (like Tucson Convention Center in Arizona). “I think it all boils down to lowering frustration levels and enhancing satisfaction levels,” said O’Melia. “We also want to bring [organizations’] buildings to life. People can have an interactive online experience with the campus or buildings before they arrive. Then when they get there, they feel like they know it.”

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