Lucas Elena Has Announced The Creation Of Eyenostics

LA GAUDE, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Eyenostics is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) dedicated to research and analysis of ocular biomarkers for clinical and preclinical studies using Flow Cytometry and RT-qPCR methods. With its experienced team of employees, partners and a renowned consultant, Eyenostics’ ambition is to become a preferred business partner for big pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies looking for new, relevant data for their ophthalmology studies.

Eyenostics’ strength lies in the vast experience of its CSO, Dr. F. Brignole, who has been known for more than 20 years for her work on Ocular Biomarkers. Recently, Eyenostics successfully transferred her HLA-DR analysis method by Flow Cytometry.

Eyenostics is currently working on one US clinical study and two European clinical studies, and has already analyzed more than 450 samples.

Prof. Baudouin says about Eyenostics, ”Since 1992, when I found that the ocular surface shows elevated levels of inflammation in dry eyes, the development of new techniques for measuring inflammation and exploring potential biomarkers for ocular surface diseases has become a very attractive challenge. HLA-DR appeared to be one of the most reliable markers, and with the technique using flow cytometry developed by my team in the late 90’s, it has been successfully and repeatedly used in several multicenter trials investigating immunomodulating strategies for dry eye. The new CRO, Eyenostics, has very strong, promising capabilities. It is a step forward from innovative academic research to a highly valuable GCLP platform accessible to everyone seeking to explore inflammation in ocular surface diseases, and notably for investigating the efficacy of new drugs, with the advantage of supporting clinical data with reliable surrogate markers.”

Lucas Elena, Eyenostics’ President, will participate in:

-TFOS conference, 7-10 September 2016 in Montpelier France
-5èmes Rencontres OPHTA BIOTECH, September 30th 2016 in Cannes France


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