Lawsuit Filed Against Officer who Killed Robert Langley

Among other things, the suit details Dollard’s history of misconduct which include failing to call in stops or document encounters, improperly using her blue lights, striking the vehicle of a mother and small child after becoming frustrated and visibly angry as well as discharging her duty weapon and striking a dog while jogging off duty.

Despite this history of misconduct, the SCCJA recertified Dollard and the Hemingway Police Department hired her. Dollard was arrested and charged with Voluntary Manslaughter for shooting Langley in the chest and killing him.

“It’s hard to believe that an officer with this kind of record wasn’t in jail much less that she was recertified and hired,” Sellers said. “It’s irresponsible, it’s dangerous and, in this case, it was deadly.”

In addition to Gross Negligence and Wrongful Death, the lawsuit also outlines Dollard’s failure to render immediate aid after shooting Langley in the chest.

“You don’t get to put an officer with a history of misconduct and violence like this on the street, to give her a badge and a gun, and then wash your hands when there’s a tragedy like this,” Malloy said. “They were just as negligent as Officer Dollard and we intend to hold them responsible.”

A copy of the lawsuit can be viewed HERE.

SOURCE Strom Law Firm, LLC

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