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February 20, 2014

Job fairs aren’t what they used to be. Are you ready?

By Carole Martin, Interview Coach

Tips to get the most from the job fair

1. Check websites to see announcements of local job fairs. They will give you dates, locations, websites, directions, and contact information.

2. Check out which companies will be attending the job fair. Select those that are of interest to you and visit their website. What do you see that fits your qualifications?

3. Time is of the essence. Lay out a plan to move quickly around the site, making sure you contact those of particular interest.

4. Make sure your resume is in-line with what they are seeking—is it clearly stated?

5. Take several copies of your resume with you to the job fair.

6. Dress professionally and in accordance with the job you are seeking. A non-management job does not require a suit, unless it is a particularly traditional or conservative company.

7. Plan to arrive early—at least a half hour prior to the starting time.

8. Upon arrival at the site, get a floor plan map—usually given at the entrance or information table. Or, better yet, there may be computers there for your use to look up participant’s locations and more company information.

9.Time is of the essence. Lay out a plan to move quickly around the site, making sure you contact those of particular interest. Visit the sites that have the fewest visitors, even though they would not be your first choice. Keep your focus and make contact with as many companies of interest as possible.

10. Be enthusiastic, upbeat, and above all, be prepared to tell them what you are looking for and what you have to offer.

About the Author

The Interview Coach, Carole Martin, is a celebrated author, job coach, and speaker on the subject of interviewing and recruiting. Carole is using her proven methods for coaching job seekers on competitive interviewing skills in technical and non-technical industries.

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