J&J leads $35m round for sleep-focused neurotech dev Dreem

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Johnson & Johnson‘s (NYSE:JNJ) Innovation JJDC investment arm this week led a $35 million funding round for sleep-focused neurotechnology company Dreem.

San Francisco-based Dreem is developing a number of devices focused on addressing sleep problems, including a headband designed to both monitor brain activity to track sleep accurately and use auditory stimulation to aid in promoting sleep.

Dreem said that with the funding round, which joins a previous round which raised $22 million for the company, it will look to expand its sleep technology into new global markets and increase its R&D funding for future studies and innovations.

“Understanding and improving sleep is one of the most important technological, scientific and societal undertakings of our time. If everyone in the world, of which 30% don’t sleep effectively today, were able to get better, more quality rest every night – we’d unleash opportunity like none other. Our productivity, creativity, humility as a global community could dramatically increase. Our mission at Dreem is to help the world make that happen. We want to become the accessible, universally effective solution for everyone on the planet suffering from a poor sleep quality. And, while this journey is challenging and complex, we have everything we need – incredibly talented people, years of research at our disposal, tenacity and passion, and now a powerful set of new investors – to accelerate our team’s vision of changing lives by helping the world get better, healthier and more effective sleep,” CEO Hugo Mercier said in a press release.

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