Inscope Medical launches suction-equipped laryngoscope

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Inscope Medical Solutions

Inscope Medical Solutions said today it launched its Inscope Direct laryngoscope with integrated, controllable suction, touting it as the 1st of its kind.

The Inscope Direct device is designed to eliminate the need to move between yankauer suction and the endotracheal tube while securing the airway, the Washington D.C.-based company said.

“Using the Inscope Direct is addicting. It’s easy to use and the controllable suction in the mouth throughout procedures keeps the right hand free to focus on passing the endotracheal tube Being able to easily suction while starting and throughout the intubation process is a game changer – it makes the first view a clear view, simplifying direct laryngoscopy every time,” co-founder & chief medical officer Dr. Mary Mallory said in a press release.

The newly launched device’s suction is designed to remove secretions to allow for a clear view of the vocal cords for easier placement of the endotracheal tube, and features a built in LED light source and anti-clog design. The system connects to standard suction tubing and is compatible with wall suction and powered portable suction, the company said.

“Inscope Direct was born out of a real-life need following an incident where a founding physician had to treat a patient with life-threatening injuries, but struggled through the intubation process by juggling multiple pieces of equipment to clear the airway and pass the breathing tube. Every second is critical in emergency situations, and we knew there just had to be a better way. We are thrilled to bring the Inscope Direct to market – not only for emergency intubations, but also planned intubations when secretions can unexpectedly become an issue. Now with the Inscope Direct, clinicians have at their disposal a tool that makes the intubation process more efficient and can improve outcomes for patients,” co-founder & CEO Maggie Galloway said in a prepared statement.

Inscope Medical said it is currently developing a video laryngoscope using the integrated suction technology.

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