Innocoll reveals top-line data from phase III trials of COGENZIA

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Published 04 November 2016

Innocoll Holdings announced that based on top-line data from its COACT-1 and COACT-2 Phase 3 clinical trials of COGENZIA (gentamicin collagen topical matrix) in patients with moderate to severe diabetic foot infections administered in conjunction with systemic antibiotics and wound therapy, the standard of care (SOC), did not meet their primary endpoint of clinical cure of infection after 28 days versus either placebo plus SOC or SOC alone.

While there were trends toward clinical response (clinical cure plus improvement) in the COGENZIA arm and the placebo collagen-matrix arm, neither COACT-1 nor COACT-2 achieved statistical significance on their shared primary endpoint of clinical cure after 28 days. 

While Innocoll continues to analyze the clinical results, the top-line data suggests that the addition of gentamicin delivered topically through COGENZIA, in conjunction with SOC, does not confer sufficient additional clinical benefit over the placebo, administered with SOC, or SOC alone.  

COGENZIA and the placebo collagen-matrix were well-tolerated in both studies.  Incidence of overall adverse events was similar across all three treatment arms in the COACT-1 and COACT-2 studies, respectively.

Innocoll also announced the submission of a New Drug Application (NDA) for XARACOLL (bupivacaine HCl collagen-matrix implants) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of postsurgical pain. 

The submission was based upon the successful results of the MATRIX trials which showed statistically significant differences in the primary endpoint, the sum of pain intensity in both studies, as well as statistically significant reductions in opioid use and other secondary endpoints.

Finally, Innocoll announced the pre-clinical safety studies for COLLAGUARD (INL-003) have been completed. 

COLLAGUARD is a collagen film being developed as a medical device for the prevention of postsurgical adhesions implanted at the time of surgery.  Innocoll is preparing to submit an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) later this month.

“Having multiple late-stage product opportunities has always underpinned the value of Innocoll,” said Innocoll CEO Tony Zook.  “The submission of the XARACOLL NDA with potential commercialization in 2017 and the progress of the registration program for COLLAGUARD positions Innocoll competitively in the hospital segment.  We will also continue to assess all strategic options to bring these needed therapies to the market.”  

COGENZIA is a topical gentamicin collagen-matrix patch that utilizes our COLLARX® proprietary collagen-based delivery technology and was under development to provide topical anti-infective efficacy in combination with systemic antibiotic therapy and standard ulcer care in patients with diabetic foot infections (DFI). 

COACT-1 and COACT-2 Phase 3 studies are two identical, randomized, placebo-controlled, blinded studies that enrolled 1,136 patients at 160 separate centers in the United States, Europe and Australia. 

The primary objective was to determine the effect of COGENZIA in combination with systemic antibiotic therapy compared to placebo matrix and no matrix, both in combination with systemic antibiotic therapy on diabetic patients’ clinical outcome in the treatment of infected foot ulcers. 

Patients were randomized to receive 1 of 3 study treatments; systemic antibiotic therapy and standard ulcer care with either (1) daily application of a topical gentamicin collagen-matrix patch, (2) daily application of a topical placebo-matrix patch or (3) no-matrix, in the ratio 2:1:1.  Patients were treated up to 28 days and returned to the clinic weekly for safety and efficacy assessments.

Final efficacy assessments used in the primary efficacy analyses were obtained at the first follow-up visit approximately 10 days after treatment was stopped. The remaining follow-up visits occurred at approximately 30, 60 and 90 days after treatment stopped. 

Source: Company Press Release

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