HR Insight: What Job Candidates Really Want from Programs and Perks

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March 14, 2016
By Runzheimer

Runzheimer study brings insight to the disconnect between human resources professionals’ perceptions and job seekers’ preferences in a new research report

Runzheimer, a business vehicle, relocation information, and expense management services provider, recently conducted a study, “Recruiting Multigenerational Talent,” which delves into how human resources departments are attracting talent and what jobs seekers actually want.

The report takes a closer look into multigenerational preferences of employer policies and programs, with a particular focus on relocation and business vehicle packages, offering HR departments insight into recruiting and retaining top talent. “Our goal is to call attention to the obvious divide between job seekers and human resources departments,” said Donna Koppensteiner, senior vice president of business development at Runzheimer. “In order to attract top talent and improve retention, employers need their HR professionals to have a thorough understanding of what potential employees want from programs and perks.”

Some findings from the study include:

The study also explores forward-looking vehicle trends that could impact the enterprise, such as the connected car, and generational views around these trends. For example, the study found that 21 percent of respondents perceive the connected car as a potential threat to driver privacy.

“All of this connectivity means that new transportation experiences are going to continue to evolve rapidly,” said Director of Product Innovation at Runzheimer Matt DeWolf. “We are entering an unprecedented era of open automobile technology, and we’re seeing a variety of reactions across generations.”

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