Fomo Baby: A New DeFi Token With A Revolutionary Concept of Price-Elastic Tokens

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fomo Baby is a new DeFi token with an innovative structure. It has developed a revolutionary state-of-the-art “Rebasing Contract” to reduce the circulating supply and adjust the price accordingly by a process called Rebasing.

The Fomo Baby Presale launch is scheduled for Monday October 4th. With all new concepts and attractive investment options, the new baby hopes to get love and support from the community.

The crypto world is constantly changing, and with the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, the prices keep changing. Every day new cryptocurrencies emerge with something unique to offer, trying to be more profitable, sustainable, and engaging. But, as experts suggest, only a handful of them sustain for a more extended period.

Due to this, several experienced entrepreneurs formed a group to observe this market behavior for a given time. These people united to examine the situation and found out the most significant reason behind the failure. According to the team, buyers always look at the graphs, and no one wants to invest in a project with a dying graph, which is precisely the case with many excellent cryptocurrency projects.

Fomo Baby’s unique feature is strategically designed to increase the price of its token every hour by applying a process called “Rebasing.” It causes the charts to stay green and in an up-trending position at all times so that it is always attractive to new investors.

Details about Fomo Baby:

Fomo Baby is a deflationary rebasing coin with an automatic liquidity mechanism that guarantees the price will increase indefinitely.  Apart from this, Fomo Baby’s state-of-the-art contracts also have an NFT marketplace, stacking options, buybacks, and weekly lottery draws.

A Revolutionary concept: Rebase (Price-elastic) Token

In their revolutionary approach to handle degrading charts, Fomo Baby introduces the idea of Rebase or Price-Elastic tokens. These tokens ensure that their supply reduces automatically with the token’s price fluctuations. They call it the “Rebase Mechanism.”

The Rebase mechanism reduces the amount of tokens in each wallet accordingly, but the total value of the wallet remains unchanged. This simply means that the price of the tokens has been increased in the market. It causes the price of the token to increase, resulting in a healthy up-trending chart. As an example,

Say an investor is holding 200 tokens of Fomo Baby at $1 per token price, amounting to a total value of $200. Once the price rebases feature is implemented, the investor will have 100 tokens at $2 per token price. The investor’s holding value has not changed yet; the price has doubled, and the chart stays green.

Fomo Baby’s Rebase mechanism always results in a healthy chart that lures more and more investors, further boosting the uptrend. This will cause the token to have extensive exposure, thus bringing new investors to the platform all the time. Having green and healthy charts has been scientifically proven to attract daily investors looking for profitable quick investments, and that’s precisely what the new little naughty Fomo Baby is going to achieve in the long run.

The Crypto Company has a circulating supply of 10 QT. It redistributes 9% of the total transaction amount as:

  • 5% to buyback and marketing
  • 2% towards liquidy and
  • 2% for a weekly lottery event.

The Fomo Baby pre -sale will be starting on 4th October, where investors can easily invest into the bright future of this promising project.

Media Contact Details:
Company: Fomo Baby
Email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: All investment strategies and investments involve the risk of loss. Consider doing your own due diligence before making financial decisions related to any Cryptocurrency.

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