EQONEX partners with Intelligence Squared to launch a series of crypto debates

SINGAPORE and LONDON, July 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Intelligence Squared launches a special series of debates titled “Intelligence Squared Crypto: Debates Within Cryptocurrency”, in partnership with EQONEX Group, the Nasdaq-listed digital asset financial services company (Nasdaq: EQOS).

Intelligence Squared, the global media company known as one of the world’s leading forums for live debate, today launches a new series seeking to urgently address the key issues in the world of cryptocurrency. The series will bring together some of the world’s best speakers to debate the key issues and opportunities faced by the crypto industry, beginning with a debate between Anthony Scaramucci and Peter Schiff on the merits of Bitcoin vs Gold (register here). Given their scarce nature and anti-inflationary properties, both assets have been seen as a resilient store of value, with strong and vociferous supporters on both sides. The series will be hosted by Anne McElvoy senior editor and director of podcasts at The Economist newspaper.

Through the series, Intelligence Squared intends to make the sometimes polarizing world of cryptocurrency, and more specifically bitcoin, more understandable. The series will allow a broad audience access to the biggest names in crypto who will share their views on the most important issues impacting the world of crypto. Audience members can ask questions of the speakers and can also vote on the motion set out at the beginning of each event.

Other issues to be debated will include the environmental impact of crypto with Lyn Alden Schwarzer; Bitcoin’s potential threat to the U.S. Dollar as a global reserve currency; and whether cryptocurrencies can help to ‘bank the unbanked’ in developing nations, with Peter McCormack.

Intelligence Squared has partnered with the newly rebranded EQONEX, (previously known as Diginex), the first digital asset ecosystem with a cryptocurrency exchange to be listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange, making it the ideal partner given its focus on fair, transparent and compliant markets for crypto. EQONEX has funded the launch of Intelligence Squared Crypto with bitcoin, which is being held on the company’s balance sheet and stored securely by EQONEX’s FCA registered digital asset custodian, Digivault.

The events will be free to attend. The audio will become episodes on Intelligence Squared’s podcast network.

Intelligence Squared is the world’s leading platform for high-level debate and discussion. It has a network of podcasts, a YouTube subscriber base of more than 430,000, a digital subscription service called Intelligence Squared+ for its live events and will be staging in-person events in London in the autumn. It has featured on its stage many of the world’s top business leaders and thinkers including Satya Nadella, Tom Friedman, Sheryl Sandberg, Eric Schmidt, Yuval Noah Harari, Kate Raworth, Michael Lewis, Mariana Mazzucato and Reid Hoffman.

Matt McAllester, CEO of Intelligence Squared, said: “We’re excited to be launching      Intelligence Squared Crypto, which will bring robust and equitable debate around      cryptocurrency to our audience. In building this offering, we felt that EQONEX would be the perfect partner given the values they stand for around strong corporate governance as well as fair and transparent markets for crypto. This alignment with the Intelligence Squared mission – to be a global platform for debate – made it a natural fit for our organizations.”

Richard Byworth, CEO at EQONEX, said: “For crypto to become mainstream it is vital for healthy debate to be held about all aspects of its utility, sustainability credentials and challenges. This partnership with Intelligence Squared is expected to bring rigorous but balanced debate around crypto, and educate a wider audience, a crucial step for the increased adoption of this rapidly evolving industry.”


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