Endurance Athlete Brendan Walsh Climbs and Cycles the Six Tallest Mountains in New England in Under Five Days

WESTWOOD, Mass., July 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Beginning in Katahdin, Maine, Guinness World Record holder and endurance athlete, Brendan Walsh embarked on a challenge that involved climbing and cycling over 700 miles between the six tallest summits New England had to offer. This was the NE6. 

To keep himself focused and pedaling forward, Walsh was inspired by the thought that he was doing this challenge for the greater good. By completing this challenge, Walsh was raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association as well as hoping to inspire others to follow his footsteps and in this case: his tire tracks. 

“This journey, more than any other I have done before, was powered by belief,” said Walsh. “Things got hard, with challenges I had never faced before, but my belief was unwavering. Even in the darkest, hardest moments, I pulled out the strength to continue. This was not just to raise money but something that people can hang their hat on.”

Walsh pushed deeper and dug further than he had ever done before with any challenge. There were periods he spent hours without water in the Vermont summer heat. Despite these challenges, Walsh completed the NE6 in four days, 15 hours, and 34 minutes. 

Throughout the challenge, Walsh received constant support from his family, friends and the Kulkea team. Walsh recently joined Kulkea as a brand ambassador, which helped him reach his fundraising goals by donating 25% of proceeds to the cause. 

In the past, Walsh broke a Guinness World Record while raising over $10 thousand for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Walsh traveled from Madawaska, Maine to Key West, Florida in 11 days, nine minutes, and 30 seconds; making him the fastest person to cross the U.S. from North to South by bicycle. 

To learn more about Brendan Walsh and the NE6 visit his website here.

About Kulkea 

KULKEA was founded by New Englanders with Finnish roots to solve the shortcomings of traditional outdoor gear bags. Their pioneering prototype quickly became the go-to for avid skiers. KULKEA stands for a renewed heritage of cleverly designed, premium gear bags that last for your adventure lifetime. KULKEA (cool-ke-ah) is named after the Finnish word meaning “to go” and “to travel,” and its goal is to free the adventurous spirit within all of us. It can be found online at www.kulkea.com or on Instagram @kulkea. 

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