Elixir Medical unveils ‘bioadaptive’ metallic drug-eluting stent at TCT 2017

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Elixir Medical DynamXInterventional cardiologists have used stents to keep the heart’s coronary arteries open for decades. Transitioning from bare-metal stents to drug-eluting stents in the early 2000s brought tremendous benefits for patients.

“But over the last 10 years, the technological progress and meaningful clinical improvements have plateaued,” Elixir Medical CEO Motasim Sirhan told Drug Delivery Business News.

“When you stent an artery today, you actually cage it and by caging it you are inhibiting the normal pulsatility of the artery and inhibiting its built-in mechanism of adaptive remodeling intended to slow disease progression and clinical events,” he explained.

So Sirhan’s 65-person company set out to create a device that has the therapeutic benefit of a drug-eluting stent, but also helps the vessel resume its natural healing process. And last night at the annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics meeting, Elixir Medical unveiled what the company is touting as a new class of drug-eluting stents.

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