Dionisio Gutiérrez was selected among the 50 most admired businesspeople in Central America according to Estrategia y Negocios

Dionisio Gutiérrez, while presiding over the family corporation until 2010, has had a civic career in Guatemala of nearly 40 years. Throughout these decades he promoted spaces for debate and discussion from his television program, Libre Encuentro, which was broadcast for almost 20 uninterrupted years and had audience records all over Central America.

Thanks to his civic work as president of Fundación Libertad y Desarrollo since 2012, and as host of the television program Razón de Estado since 2018, Dr. Gutiérrez is “a businessman and social leader, all in one. He believes in a united Central America and points out that the post-pandemic world will be different from the one we know, with much more uncertainty. The erratic and authoritarian decisions of the governments, the reduced fiscal space and the weakness of the institutions of our democracies will make us face economic, social and political challenges, the publication recognized in this special edition.

Also, they pointed out that: “Gutiérrez believes that in the post-covid world, companies will be more efficient, more humane and more exposed. A great deal of importance will be given to developing resilience and diversification. Finally, they stated: “Dionisio Gutiérrez believes that citizen commitment is necessary to build better prepared countries, with better health, security, infrastructure and public policy systems.

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SOURCE Fundación Libertad y Desarrollo

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