Dandelion Energy Expands Geothermal Heating & Cooling Service to All Connecticut Homeowners

HARTFORD, Conn., March 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dandelion Energy, the country’s leading residential geothermal company, is expanding sales and service to the full state of Connecticut. The expansion is in response to the positive response the company has received since launching its unique Home Geothermal Systems in Fairfield County last year. The company also announced that it has signed a lease on a 21,000 square foot facility in Windsor that will serve as their Connecticut Operations Center. The expansion is possible, in part, due to new incentives introduced by Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP). These new incentives, which will be administered by Eversouce and United Illuminating, provide homeowners with $1,000s in rebates. Earlier this year, Dandelion announced the completion of their Series B round of funding, led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

“The response we’ve received in Connecticut so far has been tremendous–people are ready to ditch their old, dirty, expensive fossil fuel contraptions and switch to geothermal home heating and cooling,” said Michael Sachse, CEO of Dandelion Energy. “With geothermal, homeowners utilize energy from the earth for the most efficient system of home heating and cooling. We’re excited to work with homeowners across the entire state to lower their heating and air conditioning bills while never having to worry about a fuel delivery again.”

Geothermal provides clean and efficient heating, air conditioning, and warm water at significant savings over fuel oil, propane, and natural gas systems. Hundreds of homeowners in Connecticut have already signed up to get a geothermal energy consultation–and installations have begun in Fairfield County. Dandelion Home Geothermal Systems can be purchased for cash or with financing. Homeowners in Connecticut who pay cash and switch from fuel oil or propane heating are expected to save approximately 50% in annual heating and cooling operating costs.

Each new installation includes a heat pump, underground pipes to utilize the earth’s natural heating and cooling, a buffer tank for capturing geothermal warm water, and a smart thermostat. Homeowners can see if their home is eligible at www.dandelionenergy.com.

About Dandelion
Dandelion’s mission is to enable the widespread adoption of home geothermal. The company is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction in home geothermal. Home geothermal is a clean, safe, and affordable alternative to fuel heating and conventional air conditioning. Before launching as an independent company in 2017, Dandelion was a project at X, the research and development lab at Google’s parent company Alphabet. To learn more, visit us at www.dandelionenergy.com.

SOURCE Dandelion Energy

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