Could electrical stimulation reduce joint replacement infections?

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Garwood Medical Devices University of Buffalo Biofilm Disruption Device BDD electrical stimulation joint replacement infection

A researcher tests the Biofilm Disruption Device (BDD) on a metal disk at the lab of Garwood Medical Devices at the University of Buffalo. [Image courtesy of Douglas Levere / University at Buffalo]

The Buffalo, N.Y.–based startup Garwood Medical Devices is betting that electrical stimulation technology it has licensed from the University of Buffalo could make joint replacement infections less common.

Garwood is presently raising $3 million in a series B round and is engaged in another round of testing its Biofilm Disruption Device (BDD); company officials plan to submit an application to U.S. FDA next year, according to a University of Buffalo news release.

“Our goal is to eliminate the need for follow-up surgeries. We think we can wipe out infection-causing bacteria before trouble starts,” said Garwood Medical Devices CEO Wayne Bacon.

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