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Chinese Spirit City Yibin: building intelligent terminal industry, bringing over 200 companies abroad

The 2nd China intelligent terminal Industry Developing Conference, the theme of which was “intelligence makes new industrial ecosystem, bringing success in new era”, was held from July 9th to 13th in Yibin, Sichuan, indicating that intelligent terminal industry will be a new growth opportunity for the first city along the Yangtze River.

During the conference, seven forums, six rounds of intensive contract signing, a few new product release ceremonies and one exhibition were held, focusing on intelligent terminal industry and its future development.

Building a complete production chain

Yibin is speeding up to be a new base of intelligent terminal industry in west China, with its products exported to nearly 50 countries and regions like Hong Kong China, the U.S., Europe and Southeast Asia. In recent years, Yibin has attracted 231 projects with investment of over 60 billion RMB. Mobile phones are the main product of Yibin, along with key components and parts like chips, display modules, and shells, as well as other extensive intelligent terminal products. 

With regional advantages, complete industrial bases and broad prospects, in the past few years, the intelligent terminal industry of Yibin has started from scratch. Its fast growth is closely related to the efforts of the local government.

Yibin has built a complete policy system, providing companies with service from settling to operating and developing. With the service concept of “Lifelong baby-sitter, private butler, personal tailor”, Yibin has organized special teams for each company to follow project approval, construction, production and operation.

Presently, Yibin has become the only national pilot city of integration of production and education, and Sichuan’s only pilot area of integration of university, education, research, industry and urbanization. Twelve universities and colleges in Yibin will provide talent security for development of the intelligent terminal development.

Opportunities depict a blueprint of intelligent terminal

Through this conference, the intelligent terminal industry of Yibin will enter a new development stage, promoting over 200 famous companies to go to the whole country as well as the world.

“Yibin’s infrastructure, transportation, talent, and the industrial base of intelligent terminal attracted our company to settle here,” said Liu Yan, vice chairman of the board of Tuowei Information, CEO of Haiyuntian Technology, who has witnessed fast changes in Yibin.

The 2nd China intelligent terminal Industry Developing Conference attracted 74 companies to take part in, among which a few companies has been looking forward to settling down there. Now Yibin is depicting a blueprint of intelligent terminal.

China’s 14th Five Year Plan has started. Yibin will continue to support high-quality development of intelligent terminal industry. Yibin will take measures to attract leading enterprises to invest, cooperate to built industrial ecosystem, promote industrial agglomeration, build brand and develop market and build a industry demonstration base of national new industrialization (electronic information and intelligent terminal).

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