China’s Peaceful Union buys ClearSight Medical parent Sharklet Technologies

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Chinese equity medical device firm Peaceful Union has acquired intraocular lens developer ClearSight‘s parent company, Sharklet Technologies, for an undisclosed amount.

ClearSight is developing the ClearSight next-generation presbyopia-correction IOL, which it claims will improve upon current multifocal and accommodating IOL technologies.

The company said its ClearSight IOL has an extended depth of field through the use of a novel design concept which allows the focal plane of the lens to extend without glares and halos traditionally associated with optical zone shifts.

ClearSights IOL also features anti-glistening material to improve visual quality and a square-edged membrane to protect the optic against LEC migration and prevent lens opacification, according to the company’s website.

“We believe that the biomimetic approach used by Sharklet Technologies will not only produce the most advanced IOL, but will most likely enhance the performance of a wide range of ophthalmic products,” ClearSight CEO Dr. Khalid Mentak said in a press release.

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