Acessa Health launches third-gen Acessa ProVu system

Acessa Health

Acessa Health said today that it launched its third-generation Acessa ProVu system intended to treat uterine fibroid tumors with minimally-invasive laparoscopic radiofrequency ablation in the U.S.

The Austin, Texas-based company added that the system has been used in its first procedures in the U.S.

“I’ve used every generation of the Acessa family of products and can say, with certainty, that after using Acessa ProVu, the system has reached a pinnacle of technological innovation. The Acessa ProVu system is going to allow more physicians to offer this treatment to their patients and I’m excited to be part of the movement changing how gynecologists approach the treatment of fibroids,” Dr. Carlos Quezada of the San Antonio, Texas-based Christus Health said in a prepared statement.

Acessa Health said that a 10-year systemic review of uterine-preserving hysterectomy alternatives indicated that Acessa’s laparsocopic radiofrequency ablation procedure was associated with low complication rates, minimal blood loss and low rates of re-intervention.

Patients also reported major quality of life improvements and improved symptom severity scores compared to traditional interventions.

“Our organization shares the widespread enthusiasm that Dr. Garza refers to when we look at our uterine fibroid business here at Acessa. This excitement has led to dramatic demand for Acessa over the last several months. The initial feedback on Acessa ProVu is tremendously encouraging and we feel well-positioned to serve our physicians and their patients who suffer from symptomatic fibroids,” prez & CEO Kim Rodriguez said in a press release.

The company won FDA 510(k) clearance from the device early last month, with indications for treating symptomatic uterine fibroids.

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