Metabike combines Move-to-Earn (M2E) with Play-to-Earn (P2E), rewarding users up to $30 per month in Cardio Points for use in-app on healthcare discounts, products & services with the option to swap Cardio Points for its ERC20-based crypto asset Cardiocoin (CRDC)
[CRDC is the Weekly Star on MEXC Global after successfully listing on April 19th UTC 11:00].

The Cardio HUB platform (tablet & smart TV) pairs to Metabike via Bluetooth and features over 50 games & content from world-class developers (including ROBLOX metaverse) with monthly content library updates (think “Netflix” for exercise). 

Founder & CEO Daniel Park says “People can exercise on Metabike while competing with global users in racing games, ride through scenic nature, watch their favorite shows on OTT platforms, and immerse themselves on leading metaverse platforms like Roblox, all while tracking their workout, receiving rewards for fitness, and having actual fun while exercising.”  

Cardio’s patented technology senses power without torque sensors at 1/100th of the cost. The IoT pedal attaches to virtually any indoor bike, transforming legacy & ODM equipment into smart bikes that measure real workout distance, calories burned, and access to the metaverse.

Cardio’s smart treadmill BETA service (Metarun, at 20 select gyms in Korea) has verified 43,744 Km of exercise distance through 25,712 workouts over 7,449 hours of exercise, and users have received rewards worth around $10,000.

Cardio gets its name from the word cardiovascular, which takes the lion’s share of healthcare costs and is the focus of preventive healthcare. With the advent of metaverse, more people will exercise less, letting their fingers do the moving inside these digital spaces.

Cardio’s Metabike & Metarun bridge “real-world” exercise with metaverse activity by combining the benefits of fitness with the fun of digital content (a nod to the equipment from the movie “Ready Player One”).

About Cardio Healthcare (Silicon Valley & Korea)

Cardio is the only Move-to-Earn company that is cheat-proof and verifies only real fitness data, the foundation of data used in the healthcare industry (i.e. insurance companies).  CRDC is tokenizes fitness data and provides healthcare a direct bridge to fitness users to create a healthier society.

SOURCE Cardio Healthcare

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