Brazos Medical needs $2m to get Auracis migraine device to market

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American Diversified Holdings’ Brazos Biomedical needs $2 million to take its Auracis Tens migraine therapy system to the market, according to a recently released press release from the company.

Houston-based Brazos said that its management met with medtech engineering firms and determined that a $2 million budget would float the device through from prototyping to production over a two year period.

The Auracis device is designed to treat headache pain through the use of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, and includes a number of electrodes designed to be placed at key points on the head and neck to stimulate cranial nerves and mute pain signals typical to migraine headaches.

The company said that it is “currently meeting with institutional investors to devise a financing strategy to successfully bring the Auracis product to market,” according to a press release.

In April, American Diversified Holdings inked a deal to acquire Brazos for an undisclosed amount.

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