BEA Lasers Announces New Laser Catalog And Website

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Elk Grove Village, IL – BEA Lasers ( , a manufacturer of rugged industrial laser modules and assemblies, has announced the availability of its new catalog ( , detailing their complete standard product line for use in leveling and alignment applications. In addition to the catalog, BEA Lasers has also just launched its new website, which can be viewed at

( .

The new four-page catalog details the standard laser modules, which offer choices of:

•Red or green laser light

•Laser beam pattern – dot, line or cross hair · Housing options, including stainless steel, nickel plated brass, zinc-coated brass, zinc plated CRC (cold rolled steel), brass, anodized aluminum and others · Operating voltage · Size · Output power · Connector options · Cable assembly options

All standard items shown in the catalog are available for immediate shipment. However, any standard laser product can also be modified to suit a customer’s need, or custom lasers and laser assemblies are also available. Laser parameters and criteria are listed in the new catalog for custom laser products, which are suitable for custom OEM applications.

For more information on BEA Lasers, please visit: ( .

About BEA Lasers

Since 1980, BEA Lasers has provided innovative laser module solutions to industry and research, leveraging the staff’s expert knowledge of photonics and electro-optic components. Many BEA Laser products conform to and surpass the standards of CE and FDA.

BEA Lasers offers a full line of standard ruggedized laser diode modules with green and red lasers for varying applications and customer requirements. These applications are typically for alignment and leveling functions in customer operations or production. BEA Lasers also provides customization of laser modules. BEA Laser Application Engineers and Sales Associates work with customers to deliver a solution that meets or exceeds their requirements.

BEA Lasers is committed to providing high quality laser diode modules at a reasonable cost.

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