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What???s in a Title?

By Peter Weddle — A couple of years ago, I put on my job seeker hat and visited one of the more popular recruitment sites on the Web. As any good employment candidate will do, I searched the sites job database to see what kind of opportunities it had available. The database search engine was […]

The Darwinian World of Job Volatility

By Peter Weddle — A year or two ago, my son was laid off. As a father, I ached for him when it happened and desperately wanted to help in any way that I could. It was a visceral reaction, I admit, an emotional counterpoint to the logic with which I do my job as […]

Are You Spreading Jargonaise?

By Peter Weddle — Jargon. We see it all the time and all over the place. Some of us have probably even used it. The simple truth is that these business idioms are rampant in todays scalable enterprises seeking to leverage their competitive advantage in global markets. Whoops. But is jargon a problem? Well, if […]

It???s “Deja Knew” All Over Again

By Peter Weddle — Weve all experienced dj vu, that eerie feeling that were seeing or experiencing something in the present that weve seen or experienced at some indeterminate point in the past. Its like doing reality all over again. Now, these past episodes probably wont do us much good in a job search, but […]

Blink Recruiting

By Peter Weddle — Malcolm Gladwells latest book, Blink, extols the virtue of what he calls rapid cognition, the power of thinking at the speed of light. In essence, he is both acknowledging that many of us make decisions without complete information and celebrating that seemingly illogical behavior. We may live in an era of […]

Are Your Windows Broken?

By Peter Weddle — The idea was the brainchild of James Q. Wilson, a professor of public policy at Pepperdine University. Writing in The Atlantic magazine in 1982, he argued that the physical state of a neighborhood was an accurate measure of its social and political health. In what came to be known as his […]