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Backing Out of Work; Renege on a Job Commitment at Your Own Risk

It likely won’t result in legal penalties, but could leave a stain on your career and future opportunities. In the sports world, it makes headlines when someone like basketball coach Billy Donovan walks away from a signed contract. But when it happens in the business world, the silence can be deafening. If a potential hire […]

To Relocate or Not to Relocate?

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — So your employer has asked you to move to another job in another city. Resist saying yes immediately. Instead, find out precisely what’s being offered to you. It’s easy to underestimate the adjustment that a move will require. Here are four questions to ask before agreeing to relocate: Will you face […]

NetWORKing for Success Online

By Peter Weddle — We recently took a look at the responses to date in our ongoing poll of job seekers on the Internet. For those of you who may not know, we at WEDDLEs have been conducting this survey since 1996, asking both active and passive job seekers what they do in an online […]

We Are All Star Stuff

By Peter Weddle — We live in an era that sets limits. The conventional wisdom is that we are constrained by our background and upbringing, our access to opportunities, our exposure to biases, our bosses and employers. Our reality, in essence, is defined by our boundaries. Recent research into the origins of the universe, however, […]

Look Like a Work-in-Progress

By Peter Weddle – Most of us try to tie ourselves up into a nice, complete package on our resume. We list all of our degrees and certifications, all of the employers for which weve worked, and all of the positions weve held. We describe all of our skills, all of our accomplishments, and all […]

The World Is Flat

By Peter Weddle — Thats the name of a 2006 book by The New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman. As Friedman sees it, the earth lost its globular quality because the advanced technology developed over the past twenty-five years has leveled the playing field among the nations of the world. Now, engineers in New […]

Treat Your Career as an Investment

By Peter Weddle — More than half of all Americans are now invested in the stock market. Some are more active than others, but all want to achieve significant, positive results. Most also understand that its up to them to make it happen. Whatever their goalgreat wealth or a great retirementthey have to set the […]

Making Smart Career Plans

By Peter Weddle — Its March. Given the way that national parks and resorts fill up, that means its time for many of us to start making our summer plans. These holiday excursions and family trips are important events, so almost no one treats them cavalierly. We browse the Internet looking for vacation rentals. We […]

Employers Get Personal–What Should You Do?

By Peter Weddle – Personal used to mean private, but not any more, especially in a job search. Employers are increasingly factoring individual background information into their assessment of job candidates. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, half of all employers were doing so less than a decade ago. Today an astonishing 96% […]