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Next Generation Nanosuspension Processing for the Delivery of Non-Soluble Drugs, Microfluidics International Corporation

AZNano — Roughly half of all new drugs in development are poorly soluble and often associated with low bioavailability. Among the most promising solutions to this challenge are nanosuspensions, defined as a colloidal dispersion of submicron pure drug particles that are stabilized by surfactants. The small particle size provides increased surface area which can significantly […]

Nano Vaccine For Hepatitis B Shows Promise For Third World; Nanoemulsion Could Save More Lives By Removing Current Vaccines’ Drawbacks, University of Michigan Study

EurekAlert — Chronic hepatitis B infects 400 million people worldwide, many of them children. Even with three effective vaccines available, hepatitis B remains a stubborn, unrelenting health problem, especially in Africa and other developing areas. The disease and its complications cause an estimated 1 million deaths globally each year.

Scientists Overcome Nanotech Hurdle, and Leeds University

BBSRC — When you make a new material on a nanoscale how can you see what you have made? A team lead by a Biotechnology and Biological Sciences research Council (BBSRC) fellow has made a significant step toward overcoming this major challenge faced by nanotechnology scientists. With new research published today (13 August) in ChemBioChem, […]

What We Can (and Can't) Learn From Olympians

acknowledge that we have an obligation to ourselves to express and experience that talent in its highest, its most developed state. Unlike Olympians, of course, our quest to be the best we can be will play out in the workplace. Work is the one endeavor where everyone can be challenged and pushed to explore and […]

University of Pennsylvania Scientists Carve Functional Nanoribbons using Super-Heated, Nano-Sized Particles of Iron

Physorg — Due to its remarkable electronic properties, few layer graphene, or FLG, has emerged as a promising new material for use in post-silicon devices that incorporate the quantum effects that emerge at the nanoscale. Now, physicists at the University of Pennsylvania have demonstrated a new method by which FLG can be etched along flawless, […]

Pursue Your Dream

In tough economic times, it may seem out of place to talk about pursuing one’s dreams. For many of us, such an endeavor is far too lofty and maybe even dangerously naive when just finding a job is the order of the day. Having been out of work myself from time-to-time, I am very respectful […]