Article Published In Highlights The Benefits Of Diabetes Medication Delivery Devices, Including Valeritas??? V-Go Device

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BRIDGEWATER, N.J., March 30, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Valeritas Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:VLRX) today announced the publication of an article that highlights the benefit of diabetes medication delivery devices, including Valeritas’ V-Go® Device, for improving treatment outcomes for patients with diabetes. The review article, “Novel Devices for Delivering Diabetes Medications: Their Value and Some Coverage Considerations,” was published in the March, 2017 issue of Managed Care, vol. 6 (3): 42-45.

The article highlights a number of diabetes medication delivery devices and their impact on treatment outcomes and the healthcare system compared to standard delivery approaches (syringes and pens) and formulations (sub-cutaneous and oral). The author, Bruce W. Sherman, M.D., concluded that, “plan sponsors will benefit from consideration of … drug-delivery devices as part of an expanded approach to effective diabetes management. Inclusion of these offerings as part of the pharmacy benefit may improve adherence because PBMs [pharmacy benefit managers] traditionally focus on medication adherence and may also lower acquisition costs for both patients and plan sponsors.”

“Despite significant resources directed toward diabetes care, including a large number of drug products and managed care programs to improve patient access to medicines, many patients with diabetes still do not reach their treatment goals,” said John Timberlake, President and Chief Executive Officer of Valeritas. “This article reviews how diabetes medication delivery devices, including V-Go Wearable Insulin Delivery Device, improved treatment outcomes and reduced both short-term pharmacy costs and longer-term healthcare costs. We have worked diligently to demonstrate the value of V-Go to patients, their physicians and payers through the execution of numerous clinical studies and we are gratified by the recognition of that work. Diabetes is a costly chronic illness and we will continue to work with payers to adopt V-Go on their pharmacy formulary which will simplify and broaden access to V-Go to improve A1c outcomes at a lower cost to the employers and their insured population.”

Valeritas provided an unrestricted educational grant for preparation of this manuscript.

About Valeritas Holdings, Inc.

Valeritas is a commercial-stage medical technology company focused on improving health and simplifying life for people with diabetes by developing and commercializing innovative technologies. Valeritas’ flagship product, V-Go® Wearable Insulin Delivery device, is a simple, wearable, basal-bolus insulin delivery device for patients with type 2 diabetes that enables patients to administer a continuous preset basal rate of insulin over 24 hours. It also provides discreet on-demand bolus dosing at mealtimes. It is the only basal-bolus insulin delivery device on the market today specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of type 2 diabetes patients. Headquartered in Bridgewater, New Jersey, Valeritas operates its R&D functions in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit

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