Are physicians satisfied with their career choice? 6 AMA survey insights

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The American Medical Association conducted a February 2017 survey asking 1,200 physicians, residents and medical students about their experiences, perceptions and challenges in the evolving healthcare space.

Here are six takeaways:

1. Nine out of 10 physicians reported they are satisfied with their career choice.

2. Of the respondents, three-quarters said helping people was their top motivator for going down this career path.

3. Sixty-one percent of those surveyed reported they could encourage other people to pursue medical careers.

4. Of the respondents, 73 percent noted they knew they wanted to become physicians before they turned 20 years old. One-third of respondents knew before they were teenagers.

5. Administrative burden, stress and lack of time ranked as the top three challenges physicians said they faced.

6. Residents noted long hours and on-call schedules ranked among their top challenges.

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