Apple opens EHR data to iOS app developers

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Apple (NSDQ:AAPL) this week opened up its Health Records application to developers, allowing digital health companies to use electronic health record data to power applications on Apple’s iOS devices.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant originally opened the Health Records application for general use in March, allowing users of certain cooperating healthcare systems direct access to their electronic health records.

With the new Health Records API release, developers will now be able to use that electronic health data – with an individual’s consent – to create applications that aid in disease management, medical research and other purposes, the company said.

Medisafe, a medication management application, will use integrated EHR data to allow users to import their prescription list without the need for manual entry, identify problematic drug-drug interactions, set reminders and view applicable medication data.

“Medical information may be the most important personal information to a consumer, and offering access to Health Records was the first step in empowering them. Now, with the potential of Health Records information paired with HealthKit data, patients are on the path to receiving a holistic view of their health. With the Health Records API open to our incredible community of developers and researchers, consumers can personalize their health needs with the apps they use every day,” COO Jeff Williams said in a press release.

Health Records data is encrypted on iOS devices, Apple specified, and allows users to share data directly with selected trusted applications, without the data leaving the device.

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