AFT and Salus Pharmaceuticals sign agreement for pain treatment Maxigesic IV

Hyloris Pharmaceuticals’ partner AFT Pharmaceuticals (AFT) and Salus Pharmaceuticals have signed an exclusive licensing and distribution agreement for new, dual mode-of-action non-opioid pain treatment Maxigesic IV.

Under the terms of the partnership deal between the companies, Hyloris will receive a share on any revenues related to product, such as royalties, license fees, milestone payments, which AFT receives.

The agreement with Salus covers Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia.

Maxigesic IV, which is delivered through intravenous (IV) infusion, is already registered in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia and Slovenia, where the initial commercial launches are expected to take place later this year.

In Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, registration applications will be filed.

Maxigesic IV was launched in France and Italy, last November, along with Ever Pharma.

Hyloris Pharmaceuticals CEO Stijn Van Rompay said: “We are pleased with Maxigesic IV’s further roll-out.

“This novel non-opioid pain treatment can soon offer relief to patients in even more countries across Europe, and underlines the attractiveness of our business model of reformulating and repurposing existing medicinal products, including its ability to provide significant benefits to patients and health care providers.”

The non-opioid pain treatment is a combination of 1000mg paracetamol with 300mg ibuprofen solution for infusion and intended for use post-operatively in hospitals or when patients are not in a position to take medicine orally.

It helps reduce pain as well as inflammation.

In a placebo-controlled, randomised Phase III trial Maxigesic IV was found to be well-tolerated and had a quick onset of action and offered higher pain relief.

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