Acelity launches new regenerative tissue matrix in US

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Published 20 October 2016

Wound care and regenerative medicine firm Acelity has introduced a new regenerative tissue matrix in the US.

The Alloderm Select Duo matrix has been developed for patients undergoing bilateral breast reconstruction. It offers uniform tissue characteristics, including same donor, shape and thickness.

Alloderm products are made from donated human dermis. They will be processed to remove cells while preserving the essential biological components and structure of the dermal matrix to support tissue regeneration.

The company uses an advanced processing, which allows the matrices to support rapid revascularization, cell repopulation and white cell migration.

In May, the firm launched Alloderm Select regenerative tissue matrix brand that is available in a range of thicknesses, including thin, medium, thick and x-thick.

The firm also initiated a limited launch of the Artia reconstructive tissue matrix in the US. It is a new porcine acellular dermal matrix.

Acelity president and CEO Joe Woody said: “For more than 20 years, surgeons have relied on Alloderm tissue matrix as a leading product in breast reconstruction, and Acelity is committed to further advancing this technology so we can provide women facing mastectomy with enhanced and effective options.

“Our new breast reconstruction offerings are designed to improve the clinician and patient experience, and build upon the rich history and renowned Alloderm tissue matrix brand that began with the product’s development at LifeCell.

“As part of the Acelity portfolio, we will continue to invest in innovation and expansion so that women who choose reconstruction, and the surgeons guiding their care, will have many more options available to them.”

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