3D printed organ models are getting way better: Here’s how

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3D printed organ models University of Minnesota

Researchers attached sensors to the organ models for real-time feedback. [Image courtesy of McAlpine Research Group]

University of Minnesota researchers are taking 3D printed organ models to the next level: They look and feel like the real thing, and integrated sensors help surgeons train.

There’s even the potential that such artificial models may someday become the real deal – “bionic organs” used to replace damaged biological organs.

The Minnesota researchers published their work today in the journal Advanced Materials Technologies. They’re seeking a patent for the technology.

“The organ models we are 3D printing are almost a perfect replica in terms of the look and feel of an individual’s organ, using our custom-built 3D printers,” said lead researcher Michael McAlpine, an associate professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota.

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